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The most affordable prices for outpatient opiate heroin detox in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Port Saint Lucie

About Us

 South Florida Outpatient Opiate heroin Detox Center’s mission is to help people who have chemical dependency issues initiate and successfully complete the detoxification process. The physicians and staff at each of our South Florida Detox Centers understand the negative impact that addiction can have on a normal daily life and how it adversely affects a person’s relationship with family, friends and loved ones.

Beginning with the first consultation, we will guide you through our treatment process with care and compassion. South Florida Detox Centers are here to help you reach your goal of living your life free of addiction. Our outpatient opiate detoxification plan is a discreet and confidential program which will be overseen by a SAMSHA-certified physician. You can expect professional continual care and thoughtful supervision as you strive to reach your goals and enhance the quality of your life.

After over twelve years in the field of addiction, we understand how difficult this can be for an individual both physically and mentally. We will help you successfully complete the detox process with the proper use of some specialized medications. But we are also here to help our patients understand and acknowledge that they will not be able to truly succeed unless they are willing to fully engage themselves by seeking counseling and talk therapy. No one should have to live under the control of an opiate or be limited from having the life they once knew.

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